John Parks

John M. Parks

Full-stack Web Developer and Manager

Phone:  +1 619-306-1135

Hello world!

My name is John Parks and I'm here to build a better web.


I started into computers when I was nine. My father brought home a 80386-based computer and I would sneak down to the basement to pretend I was controlling a spaceship by typing on the beautifully loud keyboard. This continued for awhile until that one key day when Dad taught me how to actually use it.

At first, it was entirely DOS. The notion of issuing a simple command and having a game or program start was enthralling for me as a child. I toyed with everything that computer had to offer. Once I had finished binge-playing every game, I moved on to the applications that were available.

That's when I found my first programming language: QBASIC. From this moment on computers were no longer limited to the software at hand... they were only limited by my imagination.

Early RPG Test in QBASIC 4.5
John Parks 1998

Throughout my entire life programming has always been a profession and hobby of mine. I love building things people use. I love problem solving. In my career I've been extremely fortunate to help millions of people find the information, services, and products they need by extending my clients' businesses to the Internet.

Throughout the years I've adopted some great ideologies regarding technology:

Web Development

My first websites were about Pokémon... Yep, I'm part of that generation.

Even though I cringe looking back at my work as a kid I still can't bear to get rid of it. Those old websites are a reminder of one of the neatest things our generation got to witness - we grew up with the Internet!

Early-career Website Design
John Parks 2006-2007

I believe the Internet is the ultimate multimedia platform and I love building a small piece of it. Since those early days I've been an integral part of publishing hundreds of websites and applications for a wide variety of industries and purposes. Working for such a unique range of different people and industries has been a huge perk of my career.

With any Internet profession self-learning and continued education are necessities. Every day is a challenge with new technologies coming out, new problems to solve, and new opportunities to seize. Creative engineering is the name of the game for the web and I absolutely love it. There are no boring days when it comes to this stuff.

8th Grade Watercolor Landscape
John Parks 2001

Creative & Design

I was a huge art nerd as a kid. No really - I took home trophies from 8th-grade "Art Fairs"...

It was during my childhood art lessons that I fell in love with creating. Painting and drawing were always an outlet for me as a kid, and I always loved being able bring what I imagined to life. Soon, I brought my love for computers into the mix and began teaching myself the Adobe suite.

After awhile I started doing design and photography work for local garage bands which marked some of my first professional/paid gigs. I cut my teeth by designing websites, CD cases, show posters, leaflets, shirts, postcards, snap-bracelets, etc.

Throughout my career I've worn a lot of hats in the creative department and am experienced with the following sort of projects:

  • Corporate Branding and Logos
  • Flyers, Brochures, and Mailers
  • Reports, Sales Sheets, and Folders
  • Magazines and Publications
  • Catalogs (both print and digital)
  • Specialty Items (eg: branded swag)
  • Advertising (both print and digital)
  • Product and Packaging
  • Business Cards, Letterhead, and Stationary
  • Email Marketing (eg: templates)
  • Instructions and Manuals
  • Custom Kiosks
  • Signage and Wraps
  • Illustration
  • Branded Clothing
  • Infographics
  • Product, Portrait, Event, and Location Photography


An old friend of mine said something that has always stuck with me: "Come what may - bring it on."

I may not know whats next in this crazy network of computers, but I'm ready for every challenge and opportunity that awaits me.

I'm here to build a better web.

Bring it on.

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