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John Parks

Software Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Manager

Skills & Technologies »

  • Web Application Development - Front-end & Back-end, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Browser APIs, Chrome Extensions
  • JavaScript - ES6+/ECMAScript 2015+, TypeScript, Deno, Node.js, React, Svelte, esbuild, webpack, Jest, Playwright
  • Python - Flask, Django, Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, Pytest
  • PHP - Composer, Laravel, Symfony, WordPress, Magento
  • Database - MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Redis, document-based/No-SQL, ORM, Administration, Redundancy & Availability
  • Development Tooling - Git/SVN, GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, Jira
  • Linux/Unix - Ubuntu, Debian, RHEL, CentOS, VMWare ESX
  • DevOps & System Administration - Docker, CI/CD, Nginx, Apache2, HAProxy, Varnish, Memcached
  • Monitoring, Logging, & Insight - Grafana, Elastic Search, Logstash, Kibana, Graphite/StatsD, InfluxDB
  • AWS - Certified Solutions Architect #255285, EC2, S3, Lambda, RDS, VPC, IAM, CloudWatch, DynamoDB, SNS, SQS
  • GCP - Firebase/Firestore, Functions, App Engine, Logging, Monitoring, App Analytics
  • Payments & eCommerce - PCI DSS Compliance, Stripe.js, PayPal, Subscriptions, Shipping, Taxes, Affiliate Networks
  • Authentication - OAUTH, Multi-tenancy, Auth0
  • Analytics & Advertising - Google Analytics, Tag Manager, CAPI, Facebook, Tiktok, S2S, deep-funnel conversion, CRM
  • Graphics - Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe InDesign, Figma
  • Web Automation & Scraping - Bot detection/bypassing bot detection, Browserless HTTP, Fingerprinting
  • Video - ffmpeg, GStreamer, WebRTC, RTSP/RTMP over WebSocket (ONVIF)

Experience »

Independent Consultant - Contracting Engineer

San Diego, California; 2012-present

I serve a diverse clientele across various industries in Southern California and Eastern Iowa as an independent consultant.

  • Software Development - Fullstack solutions focused on web technologies with browser-based presentation layers.
  • Payments & eCommerce - Custom eCommerce experiences, from conceptualization to payment processor integration.
  • Team & Management Solutions - Provide comprehensive solutions for team collaboration and operational management.
  • CRM Integrations - Develop and optimize CRM solutions, seamlessly integrating them with existing technology stacks.

Alsoa - Contracting Engineer

San Diego, California; March 2022 - August 2022

Alsoa is a cloud-based service that helps businesses understand customer behavior online without using tracking cookies.

  • Developed a way to track online user behavior without relying on cookies, using server-to-server technology.
  • Created platform in GCP that records detailed customer actions from start to finish, using TypeScript and Python.
  • Managed the addition of features that connect to external platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, and HubSpot.
  • Built PHP Magento module for server-to-server conversion tracking to integrate with Alsoa tracking platform APIs.

YourSix - Software Engineer, Director of Engineering

Roseville, Minnesota - remote; May 2020 - June 2021

YourSix is a company specializing in cloud-based security and surveillance solutions.

  • Led and expanded a team of local and international developers to create software focused on physical security services.
  • Built an ONVIF-compliant prototype VMS (video management system) capable of various video formats and real-time controls, using advanced web technologies for streaming and audio.
  • Collaborated with key project members to design and build a user-friendly SPA (single-page application) using Svelte.

InternetIn / - Software Engineer

San Diego, California; June 2019 - January 2021

InternetIn/ offered a collection of tools for researching internet quality and availability.

  • Created a comprehensive map to show fiber internet availability using various technologies and multiple data sources, including public and proprietary.
  • Developed a tool that measures internet quality by location, using data from multiple reputable sources.
  • Created a workflow system to streamline complex business and consumer processes, including generating fillable PDFs and integrating with e-signature services.
  • Designed an automation tool that simultaneously tests internet serviceability in multiple locations and compiles the results into a unified dashboard.
  • Analyzed and recreated Comcast's intricate business pricing structure, creating a real-time pricing tool and API.

Ebates Inc. / Rakuten - Senior Software Engineer, DevOps Engineer

San Diego, California; 2015 to 2019

Rakuten is a digital platform that gives users cash-back rewards by sharing the commission from affiliate networks.

  • Led the technical aspects of the first PCI DSS compliance audit for payment security standards, creating a robust authentication server used across all of Rakuten's platforms.
  • Built a Node.js jobserver that automates product searches and online checkouts to increase the cash-back rewards.
  • Collaborated with DevOps and software engineers to migrate our varied services and applications to Amazon Web Services for better scalability and efficiency.
  • Employed business intelligence tools to offer valuable insights into system performance and business metrics, using custom data visualizations and smart alerts.

Leepfrog Technologies - Software Developer

Iowa City, Iowa; 2012

Leepfrog offers course catalog, scheduling, and curriculum software to educational institutions across the globe.

  • Created digital course catalog systems for major universities using Leepfrog's CourseLeaf software.
  • Automated the import of course data from popular student information systems such-as Oracle PeopleSoft and Banner, making it easier to kick-start projects and onboard clients.
  • Built a contemporary instant messaging tool, adapting it to work on the company's older BBS platform, Gestalt.